pray for water

About Us:

Our goal is to bring community together in giving thanks for clean, healthy water around the world. We often ask, “How can I help?” so we created a way for people, anywhere, to join together to pray for water and raise awareness about the importance of protecting water and natural resources.

We have created a set of free resources so that anyone can easily put on an event of their own.

Pray for Water

We invite you to envision our world’s water as clean and healthy, and to give thanks for water.

Raising Awareness of Environmental Conservation and Stewardship

This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the necessity of water for life, the importance of public water rights, our role in caring for all life (people, animals, land and water), conservation, and protecting the planet.

We know that we cannot live without water, nor without the Earth. Let us work together to consciously create our future.

We Stand with Standing Rock

We are inspired that tribes and allies from around the world have come together in unity, in solidarity with Standing Rock, to protect water for all people and future generations. After asking, “What can we do?” we came up with this project as a positive way to express solidarity with water protectors and to work towards raising awareness of the necessity for clean water. And to give thanks.

Host an Event:

Join together with a friend in giving thanks, do a prayer or meditation for water, or put on an event, promote it and raise awareness.

Click here for resources – prayer for water, water meditation, event resources, press release, poster...

(Note: Individuals are responsible for their own events, we are in no way responsible.)

We Welcome Everyone

Water is something we all have in common. Let’s join together in thanks and honor of water, and in working together as we envision a healthy world.

A Prayer for Water:

Please join us, in solidarity with all protectors of water and stewards of the environment, in a prayer for water

Water is life

We pray for clean, healthy water - for drinking, bathing, playing and living. We pray for rivers and oceans. For lakes, creeks, ponds and clouds. We pray for Earth. We pray for life. We pray for the protectors of water, for the stewards of the Earth

We ask for blessings for all water- on Earth and in the Universe- including ourselves, as we are made largely of water

We thank you for the healing of all water and life on Earth

pray for water